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949Racing 51L20400
15x11 6UL
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Detailed Description

  • 15x11
  • +20 offset
  • 14.3 lbs 
  • 4x100
  • Low pressure cast flow formed monoblock construction
  • T6 heat treated
  • 67.1mm center bore
  • Double valve design
  • VIA HP10/10 Certified 550kg max load rated
  • JWL approved
  • TPMS compatible
  • Cap included
  • Valves not included

Fits 245/40, 245/50, 275/35 tires. Cap included. Valves not included.

This wheel fits any 4x100 hub. It however, will clear the fenders of no car ever built. Plan on some sawzall action to get your tires to clear :)

Always test wheel for adequate clearance to fenders, chassis and suspension components before using these wheels. Failure to do so could result in vehicle damage, loss of control, injury or death.

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