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949Racing 95L56543
19x11.5 6UL
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 Coming 2019

  The all new 19" 6UL represents a clean sheet design based on our now iconic 6 U shaped spoke pattern. For the larger 18 & 19" sizes we increased the max load rating 10% over industry standard. We have the only 18 or 19" wheel on the market
that is VIA certified for 10% greater impact, radial fatigue and cornering fatigue load.  A few other brands use the standard load rating and simply run the test  for more cycles on one criteria, not all three. The 18 and 19 6UL wheels have the greatest strength to weight ratio
of any wheel on the market today. This translates to a stiffer wheel which means better steering response and less camber load deflection.

  The 18 & 19" 6UL retain the 6UL standard knurled bead and dual valve configuration. The knurled bead helps to keep the newly mounted tire from rotating on the wheel, which can cause an imbalance condition. The second valve, located at 180°, is used for purging moisture laden air from dirty tire shop air compressors. This moisture creates large temperature and pressure fluctuations unde6r high performance driving conditions which can create handling imbalances and loss of grip. We prefer nitrogen purging when it is available but a dry air source will also work.

  All 6UL wheels are designed for a minimum of .120 (3mm) staitic clearance to target brake caliper. When designing the 19" 6UL (to clear GT350 brakes), we upped that to .200 (5mm). We have seen, particularly on the GT350 Mustang, that some aftermarket wheels have less than .060 (1.5mm) static brake clearance. This is insuffcient to allow proper airflow and gravel debris clearance. Even the stiffest wheels flex under 1G+ cornering loads which can lead to intermittent contact between the bareel and brake system if inadequate clearance is engineered in. The 19" 6UL wheel set for the GT350 has a minimum of 5mm clearance at the caliper and a whopping 10mm in the barrel.

  • 19x11.5
  • +56 offset for GT350/R Rear, 24.8 lbs
  • VIA Certified
  • 770kg max load rating, 10% over industry standard 
  • Low pressure cast
  • Flow Formed - Monoblock construction
  • T6 heat treated
  • Double valve design
  • 82.0mm center bore
  • JWL approved
  • TPMS compatibe
  • Painted, clear coated finish
  • Center cap included
  • Valves not included
Fitment info:
+56 fits GT350/GT350R REAR
+56 fits S550 (2015+ Mustang) REAR with at least -2° camber

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