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Aim Sports X46SOLO0000
Aim SoloDL
Price: $579.00

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Add a RAM Suction mount?
Add a RAM Suction mount. (+ $35.00)

Detailed Description

Aim SoloDL
Lap timer & data display

**While supplies last: Complimentary Club Orange membership with purchase!**

SoloDL is a completely automatic lap timer based on GPS technology. 
Using its GPS based location, it identifies the finish line coordinates and automatically starts sampling and displaying lap times.
Of course, Solo can be used in all of your performance situations: circuits, hill climbs, regularity, point to point races, and performance tests. Solo displays and records speed, accelerations, braking... all of the data you need while racing.
Then you can review your data immediately after each session, this helps you analyze and improve your performance.
SoloDL also features the ability to connect to your car's ECU: this makes of SoloDL a powerful dash logger recording all the important data coming from the vehicle Engine Control Unit. Additional sensors and complicated wiring are not required anymore.

OBDII/CAN setup details:

06-15 NC

2016+ ND

Other stock ECU connection guides:

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