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SuperMiata SPMT
Tecna coilover 89-05 Miata MX5 * Est ship Jan 2015*
Price: $739.00


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Tecna coilovers
90-05 Mazda MX5 Miata

** Estimated ship date Jan 2015 **

The Tecna coilover is the result of almost two years of development. Our goal with the Tecna was to provide the best possible ride quality while moderately lowered. We think of these as daily driver shocks, not race shocks. If you are focused on the best possible handling for canyon, autocross or track, you should be looking at the Xidas elsewhere on our site. Functionally, you can expect them to feel like what Mazda might have done for a sportier OEM option. In fact, the Tecna are very similar to the Mazdaspeed turbo OEM Bilstein and spring package in spring and damping rates, but ride much nicer. 


  • Stainless steel, corrosion resistant body
  • Low pressure nitrogen gas charged
  • Twin tube design
  • Adjustable ride height
  • Long stroke; 140mm stroke front - 107mm rear
  • Sporting 6kg/4kg rates  (336/224 in/lb)
  • Fully assembled with OEM Mazda NB upper mounts
  • Three year limited warranty
Set up
Typical available adjustment range is front pinch weld heights between 4.25" and 5.5" with driver.  Adjust rear pinch weld height 1/8" higher than whatever front height you decide upon.
We recommend 4.75" front pinch weld height for street driven cars. If the car bottoms to frequently, raise the ride height.

Pinch weld ride height measurement assumes a 22.8~23.0" tall tires (185-60-14, 195/50/15, 205/50/15 225/45/15)
How to measure pinch weld height  CLICK HERE

Front fender liners
The standard front setup provide enough bump travel for a 205/50/15 tire on a +36 offset 15x8 to just barely kiss the fender liner at full bump. Wider tires or lower offset wheels will require removal of plastic inner fender liners in front.
You can remove the smaller of two bump stops in front and gain even more bump travel if you remove the front fender liners.

 Upper mounts

The standard kit ships fully assembled with mounts, ready to bolt in. If you already have four 99-05 Miata upper mounts and want to use them, order your Tecnas without mounts.


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