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Tomei Miata Cam BP
Price: From $475.00 to $710.00

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Cams for Mazda BP 1800 Roadster/Miata/MX5 engine

These are the best OTS (off the shelf) cams we have found for the BP Miatas over a wide variety of engine setups. They are short enough duration to retain excellent idle quality, not allow excessive EGR with high back pressure turbo systems but still allow it to breathe up to 8000rpm N/A. Turbo and supercharged setups will gain power at lower boost.  N/A motors will start to see power gains at about 3500rpm all the way to 8000rpm. We recommend heavier valve springs for forced induction at any RPM and also for N/A builds with rev limiter set above 7000rpm. VALVE SPRINGS

BP6D intake    .425" lobe, 252° seat duration, .008" cold lash, 33mm base circle
BP4W intake    .393" lobe, 252° seat duration, .008 cold lash, 33mm base circle
BP     exhaust  .393" lobe, 256° seat duration, .010 cold lash, 33mm base circle

NA8 - Compatible with OEM hydraulic lifters
BP05 intake      .362" lobe, 252° seat duration, 33.6mm base circle
BP05 exhaust    .393" lobe, 256° seat duration, 34.2mm base circle

IMPORTANT: (read this or a kitten will perish)
* The NA8 BP05 cams will work with OEM lifters, valve springs and ECU provided either OEM intake or exhaust is used. 

If high flow intake and exhaust are both used with any of the cams on this page, the OEM ECU will not provide enough fuel potentially leading a a dangerously lean condition (boom!). Additional power gains will be found with a fully programmable ECU regardless of what other parts are fitted to the engine. ECU selection here: ENGINE MANAGEMENT

* NB 99-05 cams require SUB (Shim Under Bucket) lifters. OEM lifters will not work with these cams. Select SUBs here SHIM UNDER BUCKET LIFTERS

* BP4W cams be be used in BP05 head only if SUB's and programmable ECU are also installed

* Two methods to adjust valve lash using SUB's
1. DIY method: Test fit cams, measure lash, order lash caps in 16 different sizes appropriate for lash desired
2. Pro method: Test fit cams, measure lash, order 16 same size lash caps, grind valve tips to appropriate length to achieve desired lash.


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