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91 Miata  track day project car   "e;OGK"e;

To make updates easier I have started a blog here:

The goals for this project are simple: Go as fast as possible for the least amount of money and fewest fabricated/customs parts

To that end, I started with a straight '90 shell that I bought from a friend for $750. Power wise I'm staying N/A to keep things simple. My recipe for speed is simple, pull whatever weight I can so I don't need a bunch of horsepower, carefully tune for maximum grip and drive the snot out of it.

April 2, 2008

Mike Eguina dropped off my Autokonexion vented FRP hood and FRP trunklid. White gel coat, I'll shoot them red to match. The hood is 14.7 lbs, trunk 7.7 lbs. I'm pinning them both so I can remove the hinges, latch and remote release mechanisms. Once that's done I can remove some of the reinforcements built into the hood and trunk to shave even more weight. With these I'm expecting to pull about another 20 lbs out of the car, all up high and mostly outside the wheel base. That is a very good thing.

April 22, 2008 Just discovered the factory MSM intake cam is the same as the JDM 99-00, #BP5A-12-42,.044"e; more lift and about the same duration than stock. So I ordered one. The MSM uses a different cam gear, presumably to reduce overlap. 

August 8, 2008

I decided on the BP5A intake cam and adjustable pulleys.
I happened across a great deal on a white 90 with matching hardtop so that's becoming the daily driver. Why does that matter? The red 91 in the banner ads and my homepage was sort of my DD while this red 90 was slowly being prepped for track use. Well I just sold this 90 as a roller to a local Spec Miata driver that wadded up his SM at Buttonwillow recently and needs a new tub.

So the 91 DD will get stripped to be the new track car. The good thing is it already runs quite well and will take a bunch less work to get dialed with the new 1.8 motor.

Since the paint on the 91 is poo, I'll need to repaint it. I'm thinking metallic orange with metallic gray autobreza stripes, bronze 9's. Yeah, I like that.

Targets: 160whp, 1950# without driver, about 12.5:1 lbs/hp

Chassis prep

  • Remove front and rear bumper supports, brackets and all
  • Boss Frog fender braces
  • Bethania Garage door bars
  • ISC Racing FRP air dam
  • Autokonexion FRP trunklid with whompin big integral spoiler
  • Autokonexion vented FRP hood (gill-less version)
  • remove headlights, motors and linkage
  • remove headlight door support structure (unbolts so it's non-permanent)
  • C-Wings wet carbon hard top, about 24# with ratty Lexan window I made
  • Aluminum hard top bolt on brackets-
  • Helmet hook
  • Radio delete
  • Front tow hook, single, Mazda Comp (AWR)
  • Miscellaneous bits and pieces removed if deemed to be non-beneficial to lap times

Safety Equipment

  • TeamTech 6 point cam lock harnesses
  • Hard Dog Hard Core Double Diagonal 4 pt roll bar with integral harness bar
  • Cheapo ebay 320mm steering wheel and hub adapter
  • Ultrashield Spec Miata 17"e; seats, bolted to floor


  • 2003 bottom end, stock, 10.3:1 CR after head shave MBSP, etc
  • 2000 BP4W head, mildly ported, polished chamber, .015 shave by Joe Alaniz - Alaniz Technologies
  • MSM intake cam
  • Fidanza cam gears
  • 2003 4 bolt motor mount brackets
  • Racing Beat #56006 header
  • Racing Beat 2.5"e; resonated midpipe
  • Mazda Comp test pipe
  • Titanium ( real ti!) ebay muffler, driver side rear exit. No "e;S"e; bend at back
  • MegaSquirt Plug and Play ECU
  • Delete AFM, MAP based fueling
  • Innovate LC-1 WB02
  • VDO oil temp, water temp gauges
  • Setrab #119 5x8x2"e; oil cooler
  • Mocal sandwich plate w/ thermostat
  • Aeroquip -10 rubber oil lines
  • Mazda Comp motor mounts
  • CSF 25mm all aluminum radiator
  • M-Tuned coolant reroute
  • NGK BKPR6ES-11 Iridium plugs
  • Savington's Coil On Plug kit
  • Amsoil 0-20w oil
  • MT90 in the trans with 2 0z. of GM friction modifier #1052358


  • 6 speed trans from '00
  • XTD stage 2 pressure plate 200mm , 1.6
  • Clutchnet stage 1 organic rigid hub clutch disc with marcel
  • Fidanza 1.6 flywheel
  • FC RX7 clutch type diff 140 in/lb preload in stock 1.8 Miata housing
  • 4.3 ratio
  • 1.8 Miata halfshafts and driveshaft
  • Delrin shift knob


  • Tein Flex coilover, revalved for 12kg in front, standard valve rear with 7kg
  • Energy Suspension 11.3105 & 11.3106 urethane control arm bushings
  • Flyin Miata 24mm front anti-roll bar
  • 12mm rear anti roll bar from 99 Sport Package
  • Energy Suspension urethane rear differential mounts
  • Gearheads Garage adjustable heim joint end llinks, short version F & R
  • NB version eccentric alignment adjusters
  • 93 LE tie rod ends, reduces bump steer to manageable levels
  • Depowered, gutted 93 steering rack with welded pinion
  • 15x9 +36 6UL with 225/45/15 NT01


  • 94-05 1.8 brake conversion (bigger rotors than 90)
  • Carbotech XP10 front, XP8 rear
  • Wilwood proportioning valve
  • Advanced Autosports steel brake lines
  • Motul RBF600 brake fluid


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