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G-Loc Brakes Mazda6
Carbotech Mazda 6 2014+ brake pads XP10
Price: $50.00


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2014+ Mazda 6

North Carolina residents pay 6.5% state sales tax

Benefits of  the Carbotech ceramic - Kevlar based brake pad

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  • The proprietary ceramic carbon Kevlar compound provides exceptional bite at all temperatures with extreme fade resistance and low rotor wear that no iron based pad can match.
  • The slight compressibility of the Kevlar gives Carbotech's their legendary modulation and release characteristics. No on/off switch!
  • Ceramic gives the flat torque curve these pads are known for. Cold or hot, expect the  most predictable and smooth braking
  • Using Kevlar instead of steel strings makes a stronger pad, able to withstand much greater abuse that a lower cost pad using copper or steel strands
  • What dust they do make is easily removed non-destructive to your wheel's finish.
  • Ceramic, carbon and Kevlar compound offers the lowest rotor wear of any high performance or race pad, without any loss of bite or fade resistance. 
  • New for 2011 RP2 endurance racing compound offer about the same pad life as XP8, with the about the same bite and rotor life as XP12. RP2's require some heat to work as designed.

Choosing the right compound

<align="left" style="font-family: Verdana;">Race tires and intermediate - advanced drivers should start with XP10.

<align="left" style="font-family: Verdana;"> <align="left" style="font-family: Verdana;">XP12 recommended for advanced drivers, race tires, heavy cars (2600lbs +) and/or significant aerodynamic down force.

At maximum braking, the car should ideally lock fronts just before rears on good pavement in a straight line. If the car does not have ABS or an adjustable brake proportioning valve, most lighter track cars without downforce can use a lower .mu pad in rear. Heavier cars, ABS equipped, down force aerodynamics or with ABS should use the same compound front and rear. XP's should not be mixed with AX, 1521 or RP2.

Compound guide


Carbotech brakes require their own, uncontaminated transfer layer made by Carbotech pads. If this is not done, you will not experience the full potential of the ceramic-kevlar compound.

You will need to do one of the following:

  • Resurface your old rotors
  • Completely remove the old transfer layer with a steel wire brush/flapper disc on a drill/grinder
  • New rotors


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