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949Racing 57LE3015400
15x7 6UL Spec E30
Price: From $99.00 to $109.00
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The 15x7 SE30 has been optimized specifically for Spec E30 with a thicker outer flange and thicker inner barrel. This version is hub centric for the E30.  Because of the relativley low offset, no spacers are needed for maximum track width. This also results in a nice wide lip which protects the spokes and valves in the event of car to car contact. No more shearing off valves when another car rubs you.

  • 15x7
  • +15 offset
  • 13.1 lbs
  • 4x100
  • Low pressure cast, flow formed monoblock construction
  • Knurled beads
  • T6 heat treated
  • 57.1mm center bore (BMW hub centric)
  • 500kg max load rated
  • Double valve hole design
  • JWL approved
  • VIA certified
  • Durable painted and clear coated finish
  • Cap included, chrome with carbon logo
  • Valves not included

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