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949Racing 86FNSL6R
Wilwood 12.88" Superlite Radial Kit 13+ 86/FRS/BRZ
Price: $1,554.95 (+$72.80)


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12.88" Wilwood Superlite 6 piston Radial kit  2013 +GT86/FRS/BRZ

  Wilwood's Forged Narrow Superlite Radial is a competition level caliper that delivers a perfect stiffness/weight to cost ratio. We find very even pad wear in competition with this kit. Solid brake pedal, light effort, outstanding modulation. Works with all years ABS systems. Our mack daddy brake system for the 86.

Which pad compound?
Wilwood BP10 is a street only pad. If your car is a hard parker, show car, daily driver, the BP10 is fine. For any sporting use, you'll want a pad with better temp resistance.
G-Loc GS1 This is our favorite street pad. Quiet, no dust, good bite. Enough temp range for a little autocross or canyon use. Not enough for HPDE
G-Loc R6   Specifically for autocross front and rear. Dusty, excellent bite with very little warmp up. Not enough for HPDE
G-Loc R10 A good front & rear choice for entry level HPDE on medium tires. Or rear only for advanced HPDE/TT use with higher temp front pads. Dusty
G-Loc R12 A good front choice for advanced level HPDE on high grip tires. Or rear only for advanced HPDE/TT use with higher temp front pads. Very dusty.
G-Loc R18 The best front choice for advanced level HPDE on highest grip tires and downforce. Use with R12 rear. Hella dusty.

  • 2x Wilwood forged Superlite 6 piston radial mount calipers - Red powdercoat
  • 4 brake pads. 7416 plate. 5/8'' thick
  • 2x CNC machined billet aluminum hats 
  • 2x 12.88" x 1.1" 160-12961/2 directional GT48 curved vane rotors
  • Braided stainless brake lines
  • Motul RBF600 brake fluid
  • CNC aluminum radial mount caliper brackets, hard anodize

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