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949Racing BCM86
949 Racing Billet Coaxial Mounts 2013+ 86/BRZ/FRS
Price: From $189.00 to $279.00

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Detailed Description

Coaxial Billet Mounts

2013-2021 86 Platform

*Price is per pair*

The billet coaxial shock mounts are specifically designed for the 2013-21 86 platform. They will not fit any other car.

Mount Geometry
Not all camber plates are created equal. Stack height is often overlooked by the performance aftermarket. Maintaing OEM stack height is critical in preserving bump travel and reducing the chance of excess droop travel which could damage suspension and brake components. 949 Racing camber plates are carefully engineered to preserve OEM mount geometry even with the coaxial perch. All other plates add stack height, some even without the coaxial perch feature.
Our camber plate has the lowest stack height of any 86 camber plate on the market. All other camber plates have taller stack heights which raises the car and reduces bump travel. 

What is a Coaxial Perch?
Most aftermarket shock mounts place the spring against the mount itself. The mount is never exactly 90° to the shock shaft so it's effectively bending the spring as the suspension moves up and down. This bending causes friction in the seals and bushings of the shock which increases wear and reduce shock performance. Motorsports shock mounts have a separate spring mount directly on the shock shaft (coaxial perch) which is separate and just below the mount. This eliminate the bending of the spring entirely. Most aluminum aftermarket mounts are cheaper "race style" mounts but don't acutally have coaxial perches. All 949 Racing billet shock mounts have coaxial spring perches.

  • Camber plates allow up to -3.5° front camber
  • Spherical bearings
  • 6061 T6 aluminum hat
  • 7075 T-6 aluminun spring perch for 2.5" springs
  • Coaxial spring perch front and rear - Reduces shaft binding
  • 12mm shaft adapter (shaft of shock that goes through mount)
  • 12x1.25 threaded top nut
  • -2mm front stack height 
 Fitment notes !!

Fits 2.5" or 65mm springs only. Does not fit OEM diameter springs. 

Determine the shaft diameter just below the threads on your shocks. 
Determine the thread size and pitch of the top nuts on your shocks.
Top nut and shaft adapter need to match your shocks.

Front & rear mounts fit the following shocks:
BC Racing and all BC Racing made coilovers (Fortune Auto, Feal, Meister-R)

AST requires 14mm front shaft adapter. Rear mount does not fit AST

These mounts will NOT fit the following shocks:
ST Suspension

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