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949Racing 949WIK
Wheel Install Kit
Price: $93.00 (+$17.00)


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Detailed Description

Everything you need to install a new set of wheels onto your car, 6ULs or not.

949 Racing forged alloy lug nuts, anodized aluminum valves and hub centering rings. 

          1. 12x1.5 or 12x1.25
   2. 16 or 20 lugs
  3. 4 or 8 valves
          4. Black or silver lugs
                                  5. Black, silver, gray, or bronze valves

8 valves needed for a set of 6UL (2 per wheel).


Lightweight forged 7075 T-6 aluminum hex lugs

Tough enough for an impact gun, yet super light. Less than half the weight of steel lugs. This design is as light and strong a design as possible, just like the 6UL. Notice no 90° angles, chamfers and radiuses everywhere = no stress risers. Will not rust. 19mm hex is not a random size. Much stronger than 17mm and far easier to get a socket onto that 21mm lugs. If you're taking wheels on and off a lot for racing these details matter! 

  • 40mm long
  • Forged 7075 T-6 virgin aluminum
  • Radiused edges
  • Black anodized with laser etched 949RACING logo.
  • Threaded through entire length of lug
  • 60° conical seat
  • 24 grams each

Lightweight CNC aluminum alloy valves.

  • Top nut style to protect the valve from being damaged or unthreaded during mounting of stiff race tires. 
  • Less than half the weight of steel valves. 
  • Anodized for corosion resistance. 
  • Laser etched 949 logo.
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