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Hub Centering ring FAQ

  • No 6UL's are hub centric except our Spec Miata and Spec E30 specific 15x7
  • No wheel, including 6UL's "requires" hub centering rings if the wheels are made correctly
  • The purpose of a centering ring is to facilitate installation. Once the wheels are torqued, they are just along for the ride and neither support or transmit load.
  • Aftermarket wheels typically have two standardized hub center bores ("CH") that allow the use of hub centering rings to adapt to various marques
  • 5 lug wheels(including 6UL) typically 73.1 CH
  • 4 lug wheel (including 6UL) typically 67.1  CH
  • NA,NB, ND are 54.1mm hub
  • NC is 67.1 hub
  • 949 Racing offers optional aluminum hub centering rings
  • Plastic hub rings tend to melt with brake heat encountered in high performance environments
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