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Valves are important!

While rubber valves work fine for street use, they are customarily replaced with every new tire change. This is because ozone dries the rubber and exposure to the elements deteriorates them. Steel valves, while not susceptible to the same deterioration as rubber, will rust eventually and are of course quite a bit heavier.

Aluminum alloy valves offer several benefits:

  • Rust proof
  • Safer. The sustained heat of track use has been know to soften rubber valves to the point where the air pressure inside the tire simply pops them out. For this reason, many auto racing clubs and sanctioning bodies do not allow rubber valves on the track
  • Lighter. Alloy valves are about 30% lighter than rubber and a whopping 68% lighter than steel       


 8 grams 

alloy valve  (a quarter and a dime's weight) 

 11 grams   rubber valve
 23 grams   steel valve

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Wheel Caps 6UL Gen I
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Wheel Caps 6UL Gen I
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