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Centric Brake Rotors For Miata


Product Description

Centric Plain Rotors

**Rotors are sold individually**

Precision machined track quality rotors. Plain rotors offer the highest structural integrity and thermal capacity compared to drilled or slotted.

We recommend against the use of aftermarket drilled or slotted rotors for track days or competition use for safety reasons. We’ve seen many drilled or slotted aftermarket rotor failures over the years, but never a plain one.

If unsure of what OEM size rotors you need. Measure your rotors diameter and refer below:

  • 90-93 Front: 234.7 mm or 9.24 in (Vented)
  • 90-93 Rear: 230.9 mm or 9.09 in (Solid)
  • 94-02 Front: 254.7 mm or 10.03 in (Vented)
  • 94-02 Rear: 251.0 mm or 9.88 in (Solid)
  • 01-05 Front: 269.5 mm or 10.61 in (Vented)
  • 01-05 Rear: 275.5 mm or 10.84 in (Solid)
  • 06-15 Front: 289.7 mm or 11.41 in (Vented)
  • 06-15 Rear: 279.5 mm or 11 in (Solid)
  • 16+ Front: 280 mm or 11.02 in (Vented)
  • 16+ Rear: 279.5 mm or 11 in (Solid)

01-02 both non sport and sport brake options were available be sure to double check what option your car has.


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