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Clutch hydraulic overhaul kit HOK 90-05 MX5 Miata

From: $65.00

Liquimoly Brake Fluid DOT 4 250ml*

Product Description

Mazda Miata MX5 90-05 *

Clutch hydraulic overhaul kit  “HOK”

1x  Exedy Clutch master cylinder
1x  Exedy Slave cylinder
1x  Stainless steel braided hose
1x  250ml Bottle of DOT 4 hydraulic fluid (optional)

Master cylinder
New Exedy/Daikin (OEM supplier)

Slave cylinder
New Exedy/Daikin (OEM supplier)

Clutch line
Our extended length line replaces the coiled hard line at the slave and the short rubber portion above it. Sheathed in protective orange vinyl.
It does not replace the hard line from the master cylinder.

Hydraulic fluid
one 250ml (qtr liter) bottle of Dot 4

The extended length hose has several benefits over the standard length OEM replacement hose.

– Makes pulling the engine or trans much easier

– Gives much more to work near the starter

– By deleting the coiled hard line, bleeding the slave cylinder is made much easier.

* Fitment Notes:
* 04-05 MazdaSpeed Turbo MX-5 required bending hard line to line up with new port location on master.
* Does not fit RHD
Standard clutch line replaces only the OEM rubber hose that runs from the firewall. It does not replace the coiled


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