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Supermiata End Link Replacement Parts

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Product Description

Replacement Parts for Supermiata End Links

Lost or worn out a part of your Supermiata End Links? Save some cash and make them like new with these replacement parts. Parts required to make one PAIR or ONE END OF A CAR:

  • Rod End, left hand thread (2)
  • Rod End, right hand thread (2)
  • Turnbuckle Coupler, orange aluminum (2)
  • Conical Spacer  (8)
  • 10×1.5 Nut (4)
  • 10×1.5 Jam Nut, RH (2)
  • 10×1.5 Jam Nut, LH (2)
  • 10m Split Lock Washer (4)
  • 10×1.5 x 55mm Hex Bolt, 10.9 rated (2)
  • 10×1.5 x 45mm Hex Bolt, 10.9 rated (2)
  • M10x10mm Spacer (2)
  • M10x5mm Spacer (2)

For a single end link order half of the listed numbers above. End Link Installation Instructions   *Note: Left Hand rod end is on the notched side of the coupler  


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