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Tecna coilover 90-05 Miata MX5


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Product Description

Designed and engineered by our team to be the best riding Miata coilover available

**Pre-Order for April 3 estimated ship date**

The Lowdown: The Tecna coilover was engineered from scratch by our team to be the best riding coilover in this price range and still allow lowered ride heights. We think of these as daily driver/dual duty shocks, not race shocks. If you are focused on the ultimate handling in a competition type environment, we recommend stepping up to Xidas with much higher spring rates. Tecna damping range is roughly equivalent to the first 35% of Xida damping range. Perfect for a daily driver, canyons and HPDE or auto-x. Tecna do not require service and are intended to last the life of your vehicle. 

Why one piece body?  Tecna are fixed length, one piece body shock. Body, shaft lengths, mounts, and internal configuration are specifically engineered and maximized for this application. Unlike most aftermarket 2 piece, length adjustable coilovers that use an existing universal short cartridge with an adapter cup extension to make it fit. The upside of 2 piece coilovers is that they are cheap to produce. The downside is that they aren’t optimized for any particular platform and as a result don’t perform as well as 1 pieced (fixed length) shocks. Pro race teams and OEM’s do not use 2 piece shocks, ever. So whether you are looking for ride quality or performance, 1 piece shocks are the current state of the art . Youtube video on 1 & 2 piece shocks

Tecnas ship complete and fully assembled. No extra parts needed. No assembly required.

Features :

  • 10 year limited warranty
  • 6kg/4kg spring rates (336/224 in-lb)
  • Optional Sport 9/6kg spring rates (504/336 in-lb)
  • Adjustable ride height
  • 30 position adjustable damping
  • 120mm stroke front and rear
  • Pinch weld height range 4.75- 6″
  • CNC machined one piece steel bodies
  • NA/NB Miata specific offset CNC machined 6061 T-6 aluminum end caps
  • Monotube design
  • 44mm piston
  • Rubber dust boots
  • Tuned MCU bump stops
  • Proprietary barrel profile long stroke rear springs (4kg only)
  • High pressure nitrogen charged
  • Euro spec synthetic fluid
  • Supermiata NB style upper mounts (Bolt-in for all 90-05 Miatas)
  • Shipped pre-adjusted and ready to install
  • Spanners included for adjusting ride height
  • Optional remote adjuster cables

Standard or Sport Springs? For a street focused build, stick with the standard 6/4 rates. These will improve handling and provide amazing ride quality over any road surface. If you don’t mind the firmer ride that Sport Springs provide, you can improve response and stability with 200tw tires in HPDE or autocross driving.

Optional Swift Spring upgrade
For the Sport option, you can upgrade from out standard spring (grey) to motorsports grade Swift lightweight springs (metallic copper) for some added bling. The Swift springs gain about 5mm more min and max preload adjustment range.

Tecna Handling Kit – Add a Racing Beat 15/16″  front sway bar with brace blocks and end links with a bundled discount. Fits 90-05 Miata. Optimized for 9/6kg Sport Springs. Stick with stock sway bars for standard springs.

  • Racing Beat 15/16″ front sway bar
  • 4x Supermiata adjustable end links
  • 4x Supermiata sway bar brace blocks

Set up:  Typical available adjustment ranges are front pinch weld heights between 4.75″ and 6″ with the driver. Adjust rear pinch weld height 1/8″ higher than front height without driver for best handling balance. We recommend 5.25″ front pinch weld height for street driven cars. Tecna will give the best combination of handling and ride with stock sway bars. For Sport springs, 1″ max front, OEM rear. More sway bar than that will only reduce ride quality without any increase in grip or handling. 

Front fender liners: The standard front setup provides enough bump travel for a 205/50/15 tire on a +36 offset 15×8 to just barely kiss the fender liner at full bump. Wider tires or lower offset wheels may require removal of plastic inner fender liners in front. If running 245/40/15 tires or touching the front fender liners on big bumps, add our shock mount spacers or travel limiters to create enough space for your oversize tires.

10 year limited warranty against materials, defects, workmanship. Free replacement shock for leaks for first 5 years. Prorated after that.


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